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Diving – underwater wonders

Diving – underwater wonders

 Zanzibar delights with a range of colours: a multitude of blue shades of the sea and sky, many hues of green of tropical plants, intensive pink fuchsia, sparkling whiteness of the sand. When looking at this show staged in the sharp equatorial light one can think that nothing compares to its colourfulness and diversity.

And still, the world hidden in the waters of the Indian Ocean washing the shores of Zanzibar is equally colourful. It is the rich kingdom of fish, snails and other living creatures of extraordinary shapes and mysterious nature. The hypnotising microspace full of surprises awaiting the divers, people aspiring to become divers  and those admiring the wonders from the surface of the water when doing snorkelling.

The coral reef around Mnemba atoll is home to clownfish that courageously defend their homes in sea anemones, lagoon triggerfish, trumpetfish, starfish, spiky lionfish, thick  sea cucumbers named after their resemblance to the fruit of the cucumber plant, murenas, versatile shrimps, rockfish, octopus and many other strange creatures.  

Rummaging in the sea anemones

The moment you put your head underwater, you feel peace and quiet. The sound of waves lapping against the reef, the whir of the boat engine, the sound of wind, human voices – all these stay on the surface. The divers' or snorkellers' eyes are exposed to the blue space full of fish in different shapes and colours swimming alone or in schools. When you have a close look at the underwater life you can often have a feeling of the traffic similar to life in a metropolis: parrotfish greedily graze on water as if they came to the restaurant. Clownfish rummage about in the sea anemones like children in the playground. The schools of colourful emperor angelfish staying still in the sea current look like cars waiting for the green light and lionfish hide under the ledge like passersby escaping from the rain. Bigger fish chase the smaller fish, some move nervously as if they hurried somewhere. An observant eye can also notice various colourful species of nudibranch in such extraordinary colours that they resemble elaborate candies – creation of a crazy confectioner. These specific species as well as other out of this world underwater creatures living in Zanzibar are a proof of nature's limitless creativity.




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